About Support Ukraine


On February 24, at 4.32 am, the life of every Ukrainian changed dramatically. We woke up to the sound of rocket explosions and screaming sirens and did not immediately realize that our previous life was over and we needed to build a new future. The decision of one crazy “man” changed the lives of 43 million Ukrainians. We lost absolutely everything – home, work, close friends or just acquaintances, we lost the spring we have been waiting for so long …

At the same time, the priority was to ensure the safety of our families, help relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. As well as the mobilization of all our efforts, funds and knowledge to help the Ukrainian state in the face of a common enemy. Our weapons are: our unity and cohesion, knowledge and ability to work in a team to achieve results, strong partnerships.

We have focused our efforts on helping people who do not even have the basic means of subsistence. Support Ukraine takes care of and provides help to everyone who needs it. Our goal is to bring back to people the lost joy and faith in the future. And to our children – the
childhood which was taken away from them on February 24!

The mission of the Support Ukraine Foundation is to form a platform that helps victims of unjustified aggression to obtain basic necessities (housing, food, hygiene products, medical care, etc.). And the Armed Forces – to provide everything necessary to face the enemy (special vehicles, protective clothing, bulletproof vests, medicines, etc.).

In peacetime, our team conducted business in the field of energy supply and took care of the provision of every citizen of Ukraine. Thanks to such abilities – to form successful business partnerships and the ability to listen to the needs of every Ukrainian, we have made significant strides since the beginning of the Foundation, helping the affected citizens and the army, which provides security!

Spring 2022 is not the spring we have been waiting for, but today the mission of the Support Ukraine International Charitable Foundation is to restore people’s faith in a new and prosperous future!


A qualified team, strong managerial decisions and reliable partnerships in humanitarian projects are the keys to the country’s victory!

The main vectors of our fund’s activities are infrastructural, humanitarian and medical assistance to the population of Ukraine. Each member of
our team, who is involved in a particular area of assistance, has the appropriate qualifications and competence in its provision. We are convinced that humanitarian aid should be provided correctly and in time, thanks to effective management.

Strong partnerships for humanitarian projects – uniting businesses, NGOs, foundations and government officials. The team of the Support Ukraine Foundation is glad to see new partners for the implementation of large-scale public projects.


Oleksandr Momot

Director and co-founder of the Foundation

Maksym Dmytruk

Co-founder of the Foundation

Dmytro Zaikin

Co-founder of the Foundation

Volodymyr Berezynets

Co-founder of the Foundation